How it Started

This journey began when my daughter was injured playing AAU basketball out of state. We were referred to a cryotherapy center by a friend after she endured an ice bath at the hotel, with not nearly enough ice to make a difference.

The staff were excellent with her needs and understood she wanted to find a miracle to complete the tournament. She received a session in their Whole Body Cryo Chamber and 15 minutes in Normatec compression. When her session ended, she felt a tremendous amount of relief. We returned for sessions in the Chamber and Normatec for the remaining 3 days and she was able to finish out the tournament with her team. With a total of 5 games left to play and helping her team bring home the championship, I was 100% all in with this form of recovery for not only my daughter, but everyone!

There was no question as to what I wanted to do, at that moment, sitting in a parking lot, I decided to leave nursing and bring cryotherapy home for our athletes. I called home before putting the car in reverse to tell Preston “I am opening a Cryotherapy studio when we get home” and that is where the vision of SubZero Cryotherapy came to life.

Throughout my training and research, I discovered an overwhelming amount of information that cryotherapy offers for the mind and body. From anti-aging, athlete recovery, pain relief, digestion issues, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, mental health and SO MUCH MORE.

Natasha's Story

I am a mother of two amazing children, Registered Nurse, and Cryotherapy Specialist. My nursing career began in the ICU/PCU, Peri-Op, Traumatic Brain Injuries and lastly led me to the Director of Nursing and Executive Director of an amazing Assisted Living during the first two years of COVID.

During my time as a nurse, I was trained by amazing mentors and learned from the very best in healthcare. I found a passion in working with traumatic brain injuries, dementia and Alzheimers. As a result of working with individuals that had little to no words to express their feelings, I began to learn their behaviors in relation to pain, anxiety, depression, etc.

The desire to assist others through a difficult time of their life has always been a passion of mine. Cryotherapy gifts me the opportunity to provide relief to my clients without the use of pain medications.